Thursday, June 18, 2020

Reopening our doors! Final info is out!

We'll see you soon, and safe!
Good afternoon everyone! We have some big announcements to make today for our reopening, and info as to what you can expect when we're back!
Most of you are probably aware that NYC enters Phase II this Monday. It's in Phase II that salons can reopen. However, as some of you might also be aware, we have made the decision to delay that reopening.
We realize this may be disappointing and it is for us too, but the choice was not an easy one to come by. Nevertheless we feel that jumping back in because the state says that we can is not the right move at this time. We want everyone to be as safe as possible while visiting with us, and we want to make sure that the threat of coronavirus has been diminished as much as is possible. So, with that in mind, Micciche Salon will officially reopen its doors just after the Fourth of July weekend.
Between now and then, we have scheduled deep cleaning services. They will be scouring the shop, scrubbing every nook and cranny, as well as focusing on our ventilation systems and air conditioning. We understand that this in-particular is exceptionally important as we move forward during the last days of the pandemic.
Speaking of moving forward, we will also be using this extra time to engage some repairs around the cutting floor, and get in the renovations that we had planned for the spring. So when you step back into the shop, you'll see one that's restored, refreshed, and ready to go for the summer!
A note on changes
When we reopen we will have a new series of protocols from the state that we must adhere to. Hopefully these will not last long, especially since that first full week of July will bring phase III for the city. Though for now we do expect at least some of these to still be standard.
Masks, disposable capes, visors (for our staff), temperature checks, and physical distancing will all be in effect. We will also be temporarily limiting the amount of people that will be allowed in the shop at one time, which includes our waiting area.
If any of the above changes, we will of course let you know. We're extremely hopeful that it will, so that you can all have an experience that's more like what you're used to receiving from us, and less of an abbreviated one, however temporary it may be. 
Please be aware too that any and all new rules will be gone over with you by phone at the time of booking. 
That will be much sooner than July, as we will start phone calls next week!
We will see you soon!
This is all going to go pretty quick now. And we'll be back in action and getting back to some kind of 'normal' as fast as we can. Trust us, we want nothing more! 
But while you're with us, we take your safety very seriously. And we think that delaying just a bit longer should put all of us in a much better position. 
If you have any questions at all, or would like to be added to the reservation list to book an appointment, email us at We'll get right back to you!
In the meantime, stay healthy and safe, and we will see you soon!
Thank you,

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