Cut | Color | Style

Every service we offer includes a complimentary consultation!


Cuts, Finishing

Cut $75+

Blow Out $50+
A styled blow out customized to fit your look

Up Do $85+
Special occasions or just for every day

Make Up application $83+
Includes lashes (if desired)



Every services we offer includes a complimentary consultation!

Whether you're getting new, all over color with a single process , or dimension-adding highlights, our color services will leave you feeling runway ready!

Single Process with Glaze $80+

Double Process $105+

Mini Highlight $85+

Partial Highlights $145+   

Full Highlight $180+

Partial Balayage $150+

Full Balayage $190+

Fun Color App $45+

Color Camo $35+


Early Appointments

Micciche Salon will open it's doors up to 2 hours early! For Early Morning Bridal Appointments, all prices are plus 30% for 1 hour before normal start time, or plus 50% for 2 hours.


Cancellation Policy

We have recently updated our cancellation policy! 
During the time of Covid, we have to take additional steps regarding cancellations. While we still do not have a 'cancellation fee' (and will not have one, ever, if it can be helped), we do now have certain policies in place for re-bookings. Anyone can have an emergency, that is something that we completely understand. As such, we have tried to keep these temporary rules as limited as possible.

For the foreseeable future, any cancellation that is repeated twice successively and with less than a 24 hour notice will require a non-refundable $50 deposit for a third booking. That fee of course, will apply directly to that re-booked appointment. 
Further, any appointment cancelled within the 24 hour time period three times or more will require a non-refundable pre-payment in full. And as goes without saying, that pre-payment will apply to your re-scheduled services.

These rules are not ones that Micciche Salon wants to implement. During Covid however, we are limited as to how many guests we can see at any given time, and our stylists and colorists are limited as to how many they can have on a day's schedule. With those limitations active, we ask our guests to please understand how valuable their favorite stylist or colorist's time is.

We thank you for that understanding.