Bridal Services

*Consultations are required for all Bridal Services

In Salon

Bridal Hair $175+

Additional party member $95+

On Site

We also offer on site visits at an additional charge. Charges are based on the distance your venue is from Micciche Salon.
  • 15 miles or less add 15%
  • 15 to 25 miles, add 30%
  • 25 miles or over, add 60%


  1. I was wondering, what's going on with your air-conditioning? It is like a steam bath in there. My Husband and I both attend your salon, my Husbands back was soaked from sweat. For, what seems like such a professional salon, this is very disappointing.

  2. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years, the air conditioning has been non existent for the last few years.
    If I wasn't in love with my hairstylist I would go elsewhere.
    Paying a premium for a cut and blow out,
    air conditioning should not be a luxury.
    I'm only in once every few weeks, the staff is there everyday.

  3. Have you ever thought of using secure virtual data room for your fashion business?

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